4 best mountain towns to visit with your family

Finding the best mountain towns around the world can be pretty tough, especially if you are willing to travel soon. Worry not! We got you covered!

Who doesn’t love mountains? They are tall, beautiful and usually have nice towns around them to make the experience of your travels even better. Mountains and cliffs can give a magical setting to the place you are staying at. With plenty of activities to do besides contemplating them, you have probably seen images of great sceneries with rivers, forests and towns that do not seem to actually exist.

Well, they do and today you are going to find the perfect spot for you family vacation!

Here are some of the best mountain towns to visit with your family

Hood River, Oregon

Mount Hood is the highest peak in Oregon – and also a dormant volcano. You will find a beautiful scenery and a really nice town there.

The town is famous for the many windsurfers that use the high-velocity winds of Columbia River Gorge to have fun. You can get to Mount Hood by taking a route along Columbia River to Multnomah Falls.

If you are a trekker or an adrenaline junky, this is the perfect spot for your next vacation. There are mountain biking trails, snow kiting, windsurfing and you can also run in the Gorge.

The whole state of Oregon is home for lots of natural beauties and even beaches. It differs a lot from other states in the US and has got that countryside feeling while embracing modernity and offering visitors a really nice experience. If you have time, check other locations such as the Crater Lake National Park, Cannon Beach, Washington Park in Portland and Astoria.

Definitely one of the best mountain towns you will find.

Stowe, Vermont

Located in Vermont, Stowe is among New England’s Green Mountains and offers a beautiful cinematic scenery that includes Mount Mansfield, which is Vermont’s highest peak.

It’s very calming and relaxing but don’t think it stops there! If you want some adventure, you can take the Front Four trails. But be aware: it is really challenging! If you want something a little less difficult, don’t worry as there are plenty of easier runs. Mount Mansfield is the perfect spot for hikers and skiers that love nature and can’t stop watching the amazing panoramas such as the one of Lake Champlain.

Stretch your legs on a walk through Stowe Recreation Path and observe the wildlife surrounding you. Connect yourself to nature and have a great time there with your family! Pay a visit to Sterling Falls Gorge to have a spectacular view and find yourself among waterfalls and plenty of wildlife.

You can also find some carriage rides at Gentle Giants Sleigh while enjoying some fresh air and meeting tourists just like you.

The Stowe Mountain Resort is perfect for those who like skiing. But if there is no snow, you can still do some hiking across the mountain, play golf and do many other activities.

The town is also great! There are many historic buildings and people there will love to have you for a few days or weeks.

Shirakawa-go, Japan

Not everyone thinks about going to Japan. The language and culture differences can offer a challenge, but it definitely pays off. Shirakawa-go, for instance, has got everything you see in the movies. Centuries old houses, an unparalleled beauty and the Gassho-zukuri architecture, which gives the town another touch of uniqueness.

It will look a lot different from what you are used to seeing in Japan from movies and other pieces of entertainment. The houses do not look like those in Kyoto, for instance. It is much more like a village than a modern town, so keep that in mind: no neons or modernity like what you would find in Tokyo. Shirakawa-go is the perfect spot to disconnect yourself from the world and rest a bit next to nature and a different, but very welcoming culture.

The best period to visit Shirakawa-go is mid-October. You will have the opportunity to take part in the Doburoku Matsuri Festival and visit the center of Ogimachi, which offers a great view of the surrounding mountains.

This is one of the best mountain towns in the world not only because of the mountain itself, but due to the village and its people.

Queenstown, New Zealand

If you ever watched The Lord of the Rings then you will want to visit the exquisite scenery used in the movie. It’s all real and set in New Zealand. You won’t find everything featured in the movies there, but you will certainly recognize some places.

Queenstown is on the shore of Lake Wakatipu.You’ll be able to see the peaks of Remarkables Range, but that’s not the only mountain to see. You can actually go to the top of Bob’s Peak with its observation decks.

There’s plenty to do in Queenstown and you will not regret spending some days there. From skiing to bungee jumping, canyon swinging and boat rides, you won’t be short of fun. Each activity has its own uniqueness, as you will be surrounded by outstanding sceneries that will make you and your family never want to go home again.

These 4 options will make great travel opportunities for you and your family. Take some time to relax and have you vacation to be something different from what you are used to do. Going overseas can be a little expensive but it definitely pays off!

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