5 cheap places to see in Brazil

There are many cheap places to see in Brazil. Going to South America does not mean you will have to spend all your savings to stay in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, two of the most famous cities chosen by tourists all around the world.

Brazil is home to diverse cities, and going there with little time and little money means you will have to choose your destination carefully. Therefore, researching about is is almost mandatory!

To make your life easier and to help you save some money, we gathered 5 cheap (but really nice) places to see in Brazil. You will even be able to visit other famous locations during your stay. So don’t worry, fun is guaranteed.

What are the 5 cheap places to see in Brazil?

Bear in mind that you will find beaches, countryside towns and even places near forests on this list. There are many other cheap places to visit during your travel to Brazil, and the following 5 locations are among the top rated and visited by tourists like you.

Factors like carnival and other holiday seasons can and probably will present costs higher than normal. Therefore, you must choose the best period to travel.

1 – Maragogi, Alagoas

This beach is known as the Brazilian Caribbean. And it lives up to its fame! It’s one of the cheapest and most beautiful destinations you will find in Brazil, and there is a lot of beaches to enjoy, sports, natural pools and many other activities. You won’t be short of fun during your trip.

This destination is home to many species of fish and coral reefs. It presents a beautiful, uncanny scenery. The colors are outstanding and the people there are very receptive, so you will feel as if you were among friends the whole time.

Food is also great. Try the local seafood and the tropical fruit that can only be found there.

Avoid the rainy season to enjoy this destination to its fullest. It rains a lot in Alagoas between September and March, so you might consider checking the forecast before traveling.

The average overnight stay costs R$102.

2 – Canela, Rio Grande do Sul

If you like cold weather, this will be the perfect spot to spend a week or two. Canela is located in the southern region of Brazil and offers nice and warming food, forests, waterfalls and much more. It is located next to Gramado, a very famous destination among tourists, as it sometimes snows there during winter.

Christmas is very special and has a magical feeling in Canela. Many tourists choose to travel there around this time of the year to take part in the famous events both in Canela and Gramado.

But that’s not all. Canela also has events during Easter and through the rest of the year, and the flowers that show up in the spring create a very colorful scenery.

Between water and theme parks, natural beauties and the aforementioned events, you will have a lot of fun traveling there.

Beware the cold weather, though. Temperatures can get negative.

The average overnight stay costs R$132.

3 – Chapada das Mesas, Maranhão

There is more to Maranhão than meets the eye. Common destinations to tourists include the famous Lençóis Maranhenses and the capital São Luís. But if you are looking for cheap places to see in Brazil, you got to think beyond these locations.

A good example of how cheap yet fun your travel can be is Chapada das Mesas. Its highlights include Encanto Azul (could be translated as Blue Enchantment), a pool of crystal clear waters with waterfalls and home to many fish. Chapada das Mesas also has got canyons, caves and much more to offer, as well as inns and hotels in the city of Carolina.

It will cost you an average of R$ 50 per day.

4 – Ilha do Marajó, Pará

Pará is one of the cheapest places to see in Brazil. You don’t need much to be there and spend a weekend or even a few more days.

To get there, you must first go to the Capital of Pará, Belém. There are 3 ways to go to the island: by boat, by raft or by ship. It is highly recommended to rent a car and taking a raft to the island, otherwise you will have to rely on walking when you get to Ilha do Marajó.

There’s a lot to do when you get there. The temperatures are always high, being the lowest at 28ºC.

Visit a restaurant called Calhau for some tasty food and enjoy your stay there.

You’re going to want to visit Praia do Jubim, a beach with lower tides that is just perfect for walking. The food there is also very good. The inns there will cost approximately R$ 210,00 per day.

5 – Caldas Novas, Goiás

If you are a fan of thermal waters and want to have lots of fun with your family and friends, Caldas Novas is the perfect destination for your vacation.

With water parks, resorts and almost infinite options to enjoy, Caldas Novas offers a beautiful scenery with hot springs and the famous Lago de Corumbá, a huge lake that is perfect for your Instagram photos.

There’s a japanese garden with plenty of history too. If you ever get tired of the hot waters, consider taking a walk there. The guides will help you understand everything and your stay will be even better.

Bars, restaurants and homemade food must be a part of your trip. Don’t forget to take some of the local specialties home such as the famous “doce de leite”.

Wherever you choose to go, you won’t be short of options to have fun. Go with your family, your friends, your partner or even by yourself! Brazil is a very diverse and receptive country, and you will probably find similarities to your own country.

Some of these places to see in Brazil are close to other big and important cities so don’t forget to ask your guides and research other possibilities for your destination.

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