Best places to visit in Spain – the best and most wanted locations ever

There are many places to visit in Spain, but some of them take the spotlight depending on the purpose of your trip.

Planning to travel to Spain and spend your next vacation there? Then you got to know the top places we gathered for you on this list.

Of course… good and bad places may vary according to what you like to do when you travel. People that often like staying up late will love to go to some parties, clubs and bars in Madrid, while people that prefer going to museums, parks and other similar activities will have fun during daytime.

In any case, Spain is a very diverse country, full of culture, history and home to one of the happiest and most receptive people around the world. The food there is very different from what you may be used to eat and so are the music styles and probably the language too, which proves to be a little difficult for english speakers. That won’t be an obstacle though.

These are the best places to visit in Spain


We couldn’t start this list without talking about Madrid. So this is the first city that should be on your list too.

A diverse city that will happily receive tourists like you with arms wide open and a beautiful smile. People there like to be among other people and make new connections, meeting new people etc. Therefore, you won’t have trouble to make new friendships and get help on knowing the best bars, clubs, museums and parks.

Pay a visit to the Royal Palace and get to know more about the country’s history. If you are into egyptian culture, el Templo de Debod is the perfect spot for you, as you will find a real ancient egyptian temple that was visited by worshippers centuries ago.

The Metropolis building is also worth a visit. It’s a very famous spot visited by tourists all around the world. It will make the perfect scenery for a photo and the french touch in its architecture will get your attention as soon as you see it.


Looking for a beach to spend your vacation, relax your mind and forget about your daily routine? Tenerife will get you covered.

The otherwordly scenery is made by jaw-dropping volcanic peaks, its blue sea, many craters and wildlife. There’s plenty of modern things there and you won’t be short of things to do in the city.

Pay a visit to the Teide National Park and be amazed by this Canary Island located off the coast of West Africa. You simply won’t regret it!


One doesn’t simply travel to Spain without paying a visit to Barcelona. Just like Madrid, this is a must-see for tourists. The beloved Barcelona has it all: from iconic and historical architecture to modern life, culture and diversity.

The Tibidabo Amusement Park is the top #1 wanted location for roller coaster lovers in Spain. Its famous attractions will get you in love and fill your adrenaline needs.

But that’s not all. This is the capital of art and culture and you will find lots of it in the architecture and galleries around the city. Visit all of them and enjoy the night at clubs and parties.


Looking for a beautiful scenery that looks like it came straight from a fairy tale? Granada has everything you need then! As one of the best destinations in Spain, this location is among the favorites for tourists of all kinds.

From the snowcapped peaks to the gipsy community in the city, this is the perfect destination for those looking for escaping the modern cities agitated routine and that want to take a break from their lives.

It’s a must-see place and you won’t regret visiting it and spending some time there, be it with your family, with friends or even by yourself. It’s absolutely amazing and unforgettable.


If you are into the middle age and want to discover more about spanish culture and history, this is the best place to visit. Take a couple of days to get there and visit the iconic cathedral, the Grand Mosque of Cordoba and the charming Roman Bridge.

It’s a kind of romantic destination and a very interesting one for those who seek sceneries with mountains, fields and castle-like structures – and it’s also one of the best places to visit in Spain.


The last location of our list is nothing less than outstanding. This is one of the most important cities in Spain and it has a huge (really huge) culture and entertainment complex with everything you need to have fun and a bit of science while you are there.

Valencia is a very colorful and beautiful city by itself. The aquarium at the aforementioned complex known as City of Arts and Science is something else entirely. Be ready to see lots of different fish and sea life like never before. The planetarium is also amazing and the Fallas Festival that happens in March is also worth mentioning.

These are the best places to visit in Spain and we do believe you won’t regret visiting any of them. Plan your trip well, start packing and fly safe. It’s gonna be a great vacation!

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