Places to see in Paris and things to do during your trip

There are lots of different things to and places to see in Paris. It all depends on what kind of experience you are looking for. It’s a very romantic city and food is definitely great. But that’s not all.

We gathered 7 places for you to see while you’re there and have the vacation of your dreams. From the classic Eiffel Tower to the dreamy Disneyland, this is going to be the ultimate checklist for your next trip to France.

Fasten your seatbelts and be ready. Here we go!

The following locations are the best places to see in Paris

Eiffel Tower

The beautiful Eiffel Tower is to Paris what the Statue of Liberty is to New York. You probably wouldn’t recognize these cities at first glance without these famous landmarks, right?

Built by and named after Gustave Eiffel, the Tower is a symbol to the French Revolution and was presented in 1889. It’s really tall, about 324 meters high and people around the world go to the city of Paris just to visit this monument, take photos and have some romantic moments there.

Cute, right? It’s the dream of almost every couple to kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower. You can climb the steps to get to the second floor or take an elevator and go straight to the top. It’s the best view you will get of Paris and it’s a must-see;

Notre Dame Cathedral

This once was one of the best places to see in Paris. Things got rough with this landmark as fire destroyed most of it in 2019 during a terrorist attack. Yet, the Notre Dame Cathedral is being rebuilt with the help of specialists and even the faithful recreation of the landmark in the game Assassin’s Creed Unity.

You can still go there and see where the great Cathedral once stood. Its original building process started in 1163 and was only completed in 1345. With enormous portals and gargoyles surrounding the building, it was a really great sight and one of the very few examples of the French Gothic architecture (one of the finest too).

Louvre Museum

No other museum is as visited and famous as The Louvre. It is located in the heart of Paris and it has everything you need to fill your art desires, such as Egyptian, Oriental, Greek, Etruscan, Islamic and Roman artifacts, not to mention the hundreds of paintings and other objects of art.

If you’re an art lover, this is one of the best spots for you to visit. If you’re not… Well, after you visit The Louvre, you probably will be.

Champs Elysées (Arc of Triumph)

Another famous landmark. This one was commissioned by Napoleon and built in the 19tth century by Jean Chalgrin.

You probably saw this monument in movies or tv shows and it doesn’t look very impressive from a TV screen. Seeing it live is something else entirely as you can pay attention to the amazing details and even learn the names of 558 generals and their victories since it’s all engraved on the top of the arc. You can get to the terrace and have one of the most amazing views of Paris ever (second only to the Eiffel Tower, of course).

When you get there, it will be easy to understand why the avenue that leads to the Arc of Triumph is called “the most beautiful avenue in the world).

The Seine

If you’re in Paris alongside the love of your life, you will want to enjoy a cruise on the Seine at night. Enjoy the beauty of the city and its monuments as they are slowly lit after sunset. Get to know why this is known as the capital of love and have one of the best moments of your life with the one person you love.

Time will pass slower and your vacation will be unforgettable. Oh, you can also have dinner aboard a boat. Amazing, huh?

Palace of Versailles

The most famous (and beautiful) castle in the whole France. Château de Versailles was built during the 17th century and succeeds to show the superiority of military power in France in its full glory. There are traces of the Renaissance art all over the place.

Its gardens, accommodations and jaw-dropping architecture make it to this list as this is definitely one of the best places to see in Paris. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this place!

Disneyland Paris

The House of Mouse is everywhere. You won’t hear Mickey saying “chérie” though.

You can visit Disneyland Paris and enjoy the Magic Kingdom in all its glory without the need to go Orlando and see the original park. Don’t miss the Sleep Beauty’s castle, the Walt Disney Studios and the Space Mountain.

This is a great destination to go with friends, family, your romantic partner and children.

That’s it! These are the best places to see in Paris according to our list. Don’t let it fool you though, as this is just the beginning. There’s just so much to do there! Be sure to listen to the locals and discover great opportunities to have fun and get to know more about Paris culture, lifestyle and of course its cuisine.

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