The 7 beaches in the world you must visit

Who doesn’t like to spend some time on the beach? What about the 7 best beaches in the world?

The idea of staying in a place that seems to be the exact definition of paradise is already pretty attractive, but when we talk about these 7 beauties of nature it makes even more sense to stop what you are doing right now and take a look!

If you plan on spending some time overseas and you want a beach to enjoy, there are places that will perfectly fit your needs.

Want a crowded beach with parties? Check!

Maybe a more deserted place to enjoy with your family? Check!

The choice is yours. Take a look at our list and start packing already!

1 – Grand Anse, Grenada

Grand Anse takes the spotlight among the beautiful beaches in Grenada. You will not be short of options to have fun and enjoy some quality time, be it with your friends, family, a romantic partner or even by yourself.

Of course, the best experiences get even better when shared, but the thing is: Grand Anse has everything you need to disconnect yourself from the world.

The sands are white and the water is blueish. Some of the finest hotels in Grenada are located in Grand Anse with activities such as snorkelling and water-taxi riding.

2 – Fiji

Beachgoers find this place absolutely irresistible!

Its beautiful turquoise waters, glittering sand and the many resorts available will make you want to move and stay there forever.

If you want to escape reality with your family, alone or with friends, this is the perfect spot. Located more than 1,300 miles from New Zealand’s North Island, the archipelago has got an otherworldly appearance and many enjoyable activities for those who seek adventure, comfort and want to get as far as possible from daily life.

Men walking across stones on fire without getting their feet burnt, exotic foods, coral reefs and much more await those who want to enjoy one of the best beaches in the world.

3 – Fakarava, French Polynesia

Fakarava is one of the biggest atolls in French Polynesia. This is one of the most beautiful beaches you will ever find. The sands are pink and the waters are warm.

The lagoon will definitely get your attention at first sight, but that’s not all. Every single part of Fakarava has its own beauty and you will realize that just by walking through the small villages, where life is simple but great. There are many restaurants, houses and shops that seem to float over the blueish waters of Fakarava, a place where nature seems untouched and ready to connect with you!

4 – Tahiti

Tahiti is one of the best beaches in the world! If you appreciate the french cuisine, verdant jungles and paradise-like beaches, you will enjoy this destination! The forests are right beside the shore, and the waters are crystal clear, especially at La Plage de Maui, one of its most famous beaches, perfect for surfing.

It will never seem like a bad choice for your travels, but it definitely feels even more special for those who seek the perfect place for a honeymoon. So keep that in mind if you are getting married!

There are lots of things to do and Tahiti is actually composed by two islands, which are tied together by a bridge. You must not miss an opportunity to go there and enjoy the natural beauties of this little piece of paradise.

5 – Crete

Greece is not just the cradle of philosophy and home of the old legends of greek deities. Crete, for instance, is a great place with beautiful beaches and must not be overlooked.

When talking about beaches, it’s easy to forget that Greece is a good destination to enjoy as there are many famous places around the world, such as the aforementioned ones, right?

But the diversity of the island of Crete certainly gets the tourists attention. There are mountains, forests and a really beautiful architecture that makes this place absolutely unique.

There are many bars and nightclubs, restaurants and things to do for those who seek a more urban experience. If you feel like enjoying this part of Crete, we strongly recommend you to stay at the Northern Coast of Chania. Now, if you want to enjoy the beaches and nature at its best, the best locations are Rethymnon or Agios Nikolaos.

But if you plan on staying there for some time, why not enjoy both experiences?

6 – Santorini

You probably heard or read about Santorini at least once in your life. Its famous colored homes along the cliffs are definitely worth of your attention, but so are the beaches!

Colorfulness is remarkable there, and not just because of the houses on the cliffs. There’s red sand at Red Beach, black sand at Kamari Beach and waters that range from tuquoise to many tones of blue. The sands can get pretty hot though, so you should pack a pair of sandals to walk there!

Don’t miss a visit to the Caldera, a pool that serves as one of the main attractions of the islands surrounding Santorini. Check the ancient ruins of Ancient Thera and enjoy the many bars, restaurants and places that this destination has to offer. It’s almost magical!

7 – Sicily

A tropical island in the region of Italy has everything you need to feel as far as possible from the world. With volcanoes spurting steam, beautiful crystal clear waters and so much italian culture and food, this will be the vacation of your dreams.

During the day, the island can seem pretty calm, but as night falls, Mondello Lido and Palermo’s market area become real parties! Taste the wine, eat the delicious pasta and try the fresh seafood.

You will not regret staying as much as possible in Sicily, be it alone, with your family or during a romantic travel.

These are the 7 beaches in the world (in our opinion, of course). There are many more to explore, but if you want to start your vacation or honeymoon in great style, you should seriously consider these places.

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