Top 4 places to visit in Uruguay – time to plan the vacation of your dreams!

These top places to visit in Uruguay will definitely make your vacation unique. Take a look at the places we got on this list and be amazed by how fun and cheap your next trip can be.

If you’re looking to travel to South America, you might consider visiting Uruguay. This is a destination that is growing on brazilians and argentines, much due to its inexpensive options and beauty.

It’s a diverse country. You will find a lot of differences between Uruguay and its neighbour Argentina. There are amazing beaches with jaw-dropping sceneries, modern cities, historical buildings and a lot of culture, besides free personal use of cannabis and other possibilities that you won’t find in any country, such as gay marriage for instance.

But the diversity doesn’t stop at the people’s and the country’s ideals. You will find a very interesting mix of wildlife, urban areas and culture that can be found throughout the whole country.

That said, you will have different options of food to eat, places to stay and things to buy. It all depends on your lifestyle and what you’re looking for. People that love the nightlife and like to party will have lots of fun at the Cain Club, those who want to disconnect themselves from reality and enjoy nice beaches will love Punta Ballena and Solana del Mar, while the tourists that can’t miss a famous city won’t regret going to Montevideo.

Get ready for a list of different cities, beaches, bars and other attractions that will make you want to start packing and fly to Uruguay as soon as possible!

These top places to visit in Uruguay will make your jaw drop!

1 – Montevideo

People that fly to Uruguay usually get to Montevideo first. This is the capital of Uruguay, so there’s everything you expect from a modern big city. Being able to explore the capital city first is great, as you can visit the Contemporary Art Space and know a bit more about the local art and culture, which is literally on the walls, inside and outside.

Visit the Plaza Independencia, where the president works. This is a place to learn about the revolution that led to the independence of Uruguay and there’s even a mausoleum beneath the plaza, which you can visit at no cost.

The famous and beautiful Teatro Solis is nearby, so feel free to pay it a visit.

Don’t miss the chance to walk along the Rambla, one of the most famous places in Uruguay. This is the perfect spot to get to know more about the local culture, watch the sunset and meet new people. You can spend hours there and find out more and more about people and their lives as you basically escape from reality and take some time to be with yourself.

2 – Punta Del Este

This is the most famous and wanted destination for tourists looking for the best vacation ever. The jaw-dropping beaches and luxurious resorts are among the top places to visit in Uruguay and will make you fall in love as soon as you get there.

You can relax during daytime or enjoy the crazy parties at night, when the beaches get crowded with tourists, locals and party lovers.

Go to the Lion Island by boat and watch the whales while you take some time off to relax and get away from reality.

There’s a giant hand sculpture in Punta Del Este. It’s a very famous spot and perfect for taking pictures with your friends, although you will probably find lots of tourists in the photos you take, as it is always crowded.

Visit the Bikini Beach and La Barra Bridge while you’re there, and if you want to pass on the luxury to save some money and enjoy your trip to the fullest, be sure to check-in at Hotel Milano, a less expensive option that does not give up on quality.

3 – Cabo Polonio

There are no roads that will take you to Cabo Polonio. Seriously, this place is cut off from the modern society by a protected national park, which you can easily cross by taking a ride on a licensed jeep. Go there in the morning as it can get really hot and the night is so dark that you won’t be able to see a thing without a torch. If you love this kind of environment and adventure, though, this will be absolutely lovely.

After you cross the park, you will reach Cabo Polonio and have a really good time. You can stargaze on the sand dunes. As there isn’t electricity there, you will only find light sources in campfires and the stars above you. It’s a really beautiful sight and you can’t miss this opportunity.

Stay at Viejo Lobo to save as much as possible, but you won’t have access to much tech while you’re there. If you can’t get rid of your tech desires, prefer to stay at El Fortin del Rubio, as it has got electricity, refrigerators and a lot of space for higher prices.

4 – La Paloma

Here you will find the perfect beaches for kicking back and relaxing. The jaw-dropping sunset at Anaconda Beach will be one of the best view you will have in your entire life and there’s lots of things to do. The city may be small, but don’t get the looks fool you!

This is one of the top places to visit in Uruguay and the local people know that very well, as south americans in general go there to spend their vacation during summer and have a good time. You can windsurf, surf and enjoy the beaches there – don’t miss Anaconda Beach.

Did you like our list of places to spend your vacation in Uruguay? Be sure to check the forecast before visiting any of these locations, as you may find rain and storm weathers are very common in South America.

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