Top 5 cheapest England Holiday Destinations

Looking for the cheapest England Holiday Destinations? We got a whole list for you!

If you are planning to travel to England with little money, you might want to know that there are places you won’t be able to enjoy to their fullest. When you travel on a budget, keeping in mind what is really necessary and what is not makes a difference.

Do you really need those souvenirs? Is it really important to eat at a 5 star restaurant and stay at the best hotels available?

Unwanted expenses can show up anytime. And you won’t always be prepared to face money problems. That doesn’t mean you need do cancel that long awaited travel or forget the vacation of your dreams! There’s still a way to go wherever you want without spending too much and for that you only have to be extra careful about how you will control your money.

Planning your stay is very important. But you must also consider packing only the essentials for your trip. Don’t put too much stuff in your bags and remember to label them in a way you can tell your luggage belongs to you. You don’t want to lose your things at the airport or find someone else with a bag that looks exactly like yours, right?

Now, about your destination: choosing the best time of the year is crucial. Avoid going to the most wanted places during Christmas or other famous holidays and try to make your vacation as cheap as possible!

Low prices also do not mean that the quality is bad. That’s why relying on lists and other people’s opinions is important so that you do not make poor choices when finding a place to stay or to eat.

We prepared a list with 5 of the cheapest destinations you can find in England. Be aware to look into more details about each of these locations to plan your trip even better and get an estimate cost for the travel as a whole. As soon as you define your budget, be sure to plan every day and not rely on your chances.

The cheapest England holiday destinations


York is one of the most historically important cities in England. Its importance dates back to prehistoric times and it looks like the perfect place for goth and dark stories from story books.

The prices aren’t high and there’s a lot to do in the city. Travellers may want to stay at James College due to the very reasonable price – £30 per night. The cost and the scenery will let you calmly rest during your stay in England.

When looking for food, go to the Hairy Fig, a place that offers pork pies at £1.30 – a true bargain! You can also go to Cafe No.8 to have a little more expensive but also more filling meal. For £4.95, you will have a great, delicious and cheap meal that will keep you fed for hours to come.

This is one of the most wanted and cheapest England holiday destinations.


No, you don’t need to take a bath out of your accommodation. Bath is actually a city located west of London. It’s like a culture center, as there are many museums, theatres, libraries and much more.

Keep in mind this is a university town, so you will find students all over the place. Just like York, this offers you the perfect opportunity to stay at a college residence that will cost you £30 per night. There are also farms and inns that will make you feel like living the life of your dreams, with freshly-baked cakes and bread in the morning, rivers to swim and everything a farm has to offer. It will cost you a little more though – £60 per night.

You will find good, healthy and cheap food at Best of British, a deli that sells sandwiches at £2.50 and many other delicious foods for a bargain.


Brighton is quite famous and has got beaches for you to enjoy, besides parks and many other attractive places.

If you’re on a budget, this is the perfect spot to go while exploring everything England has to offer on beaches, countryside, culture and modernity. There are almost 100 parks and gardens with lots of different free and paid activities! When you want to stay at home or cannot enjoy outside, going to a museum or an art gallery will be a very interesting activity. Look for the Hove Museum, Brighton Museum and Art Gallery and the Brighton Fishing Museum. You won’t need to spend a lot of money and will also be able to do some stuff for free.

Self-Catering is your only option to save money during your stay. You won’t want to pay £125 per night (although hotels charge this price for rooms up to 5 people). So just plan your stay according to the number of people you’re going with.

Don’t forget to visit Planet India to try Indian Food and fill your stomach for only £2.


Ok, this isn’t England, but it’s in the UK. Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland, and is a very small but receptive and fun town.

Don’t let the size of Belfast fool you. Despite being a small town, you will have a lot to do when you get there. It is home to industries and shipbuilders so it definitely won’t be like visiting any other city on this list.

Ever wanted to know how a ship is built? Don’t worry, the people there will love to share this experience with you. The city is beautiful and has everything you need to enjoy your vacation without spending a lot of money. There are parties, bars, nightclubs, museums and lots of places to visit and relax.

You can stay at Ibis Belfast Queens Quarter. They have rooms at £50 for up to two people. So taking someone there with you will make it even cheaper. Eating won’t be a problem either, as Build a Burger isn’t far away. Choose the buns, the burgers, sauces and toppings. You’re probably think that will cost a lot, but you can have all that plus chips for just £5.

Don’t miss that. It’s delicious, really! Unless you’re a vegan, then you might want to go to Eat Street.


Cornwall will make for a beautiful and pleasant stay in England. There’s a magnificent beach with blueish clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, fishing harbors and much more, including water sports!

There’s plenty to do on the water, but also on the ground! You will fall in love with the Heartlands Amusement Park, which is free! When was the last time you heard or read about a free amusement park? That’s right, probably never.

Go for a walk on the trails of Smuggler’s Way, visit the Delabole Slate Quarry, see the Dairyland Farm World, the Bosahan Garden and much more without spending all your money. There’s simply so much to do that you won’t regret traveling there.

You can stay at a cottage in Tideway, which is near pubs and very popular shops. You will pay £30 per night.

See? These are the cheapest England Holiday Destinations and you will have plenty of fun when going there. Start packing and travel safe.

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