Top places to see in Madrid – you can’t miss the opportunity to visit them

There are many places to see in Madrid, but some of them are special and a must-see during your visit to Spain.

If you plan on spending your vacation in the country’s capital, you should know that there’s a lot to do as soon as you arrive. It all depends on what kind of person you are.

Do you like to enjoy cities, museums and parks during the day? Madrid’s got you covered.

You like bars, parties and clubs to enjoy a very busy night? Madrid’s the perfect spot for you!

Want to try some delicious food and live a different experience during your vacation? Check!

Do you wish to know more about spanish culture and history? This city’s got all you need.

See? This is Madrid. A diverse city in an even more diverse country that will happily receive tourists like you with arms wide open and a beautiful smile. People there like to be among other people and make new connections, meeting new people etc. Therefore, you won’t have trouble to make new friendships and get help on knowing the best places to visit aside from the ones we will mention on this list.

These are the places to see in Madrid that you don’t want to miss

1 – The Royal Palace

Let’s start with a palace. The Royal Palace or, if you want to refer to it in the local language, Palacio Real, is a great place to visit as soon as you arrive in Madrid. This was the home to kings from Carlos III to Alfonso XIII.

It is a museum nowadays and offers a lot of historical background for those who seek to learn more about the city and enjoy a place rich in culture. You will be able to know more about the architecture and the routine of the Spanish Royalty. It’s a jaw-dropping palace and a great museum. Don’t miss the Throne Room and the Royal Apothecary!

2 – El Rastro Market, Plaza Cascorro

This is the most famous flea market in Madrid. The perfect opportunity for tourists and locals to buy stuff for a good price, the El Rastro Market has got more than 1000 vendors every sunday through Calle Ribera de Curtidores and the surrounding streets. Get there as early as you can since the streets can get really crowded and you will have a hard time trying to find your way though the people and good stuff to buy.

Be sure to visit every vendor and see what they got. While you’re there, try to take some time and stop by any bars to have some beer and have your stomach filled before you proceed with your shopping. It’s gonna be a nice sunday and you won’t regret it.

3 – Plaza Mayor

An iconic place in the heart of the historical district of Madrid, Plaza Mayor is the headquarters to the Madrid Tourism Center. There’s a famous monument in the middle of the plaza, it’s the statue of Felipe III, who commissioned the construction of the building that was home to the historical and most popular market in the 15th century.

It’s a great place to see and take photos. You will find many tourists like you there and it’s a good opportunity to meet new people too.

4 – Templo de Debod

There’s a little piece of Egypt among the best places to see in Madrid too. El Templo de Debod is an egyptian temple that is fully preserved and receive tourists from all around the world, as they seek to know more about egyptian culture and the gods that were worshipped during the time the temple was built.

The carvings and the decoration, the culture and the history are some of the spotlights, but watching the sunset there is also amazing. The scenery itself is jaw-dropping.

5 – Palacio de Cibeles

Want to have a few drinks while visiting one of the most beautiful places to see in Madrid? This is the perfect opportunity!

The place was built by Antonio Palacios and Joaquín Otamendi and it was the headquarters for the Spanish Post and Telegraph Company back in the day. There are different floors to visit, and going to the eight floor will allow you to have a view of the entire city for €2.

At night the view is spectacular. A show of lights and colors will make you fall in love with Madrid (if you are not by that point).

6 – The Metropolis Building

This is one of the most famous landmarks in Spain. It was opened in 1911 and has a unique french touch to it. The building definitely stands out among the others and serves as the perfect spot to take a picture and post on your Instagram Profile, for example. You can also go to the rooftop and take a look at the stunning skyline of Madrid. That will cost you €4 though.

7 – El Corte Inglés

Want to have a delicious lunch with a spectacular view of Madrid? This is your chance and it won’t cost nothing but the amount you will pay for your food.

You can stay inside or outside the mall and enjoy your meal while taking a good look at the Royal Palace and the skyline of the city.

This are the best places to see in Madrid. There are many more, of course! So be sure to talk to the locals and get your own recommendations to make the experience of traveling to Madrid even better.

Fly safe and enjoy your vacation!

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