Travel to London – these are the most visited places you mustn’t miss

If you want to travel to London during your next vacation, here’s a list of places you can’t afford to miss during your stay.

London is a great city and despite not being one of the biggest in the world, it is very diverse and offers a range of different places to visit and activities to do. Be ready do get to know people from all Europe and learn more about the English culture in this beautiful place that is London.

We couldn’t write about all the great spots you must visit while you’re there since there are so many! But we gathered the best of the best among the top visited places by tourists just like you. Be sure to save some money, though. London isn’t exactly cheap but won’t be the most expensive trip you will do. Just try to spend your money with important things and you will be alright.

Museums, a historic Tower, the world-renowned London Eye and so much more are waiting for you. Fasten your seatbelts! Your trip to London begins right now!

Planning to Travel to London? Don’t miss these places!

The places you might want to visit all depend on the kind of experience you are looking for. If you are traveling with kids, you should take a look at the SEALIFE London Aquarium, the Science Museum and the Warner Bros. Studios tour.

You’re a wizard, Harry!

Harry Potter is partially set in London so it’s fair that the first location on our list has everything to do with the magic franchise of movies. You can take a tour at Warner Bros Studio and see the famous sets used for the locations in the movies, such as the Great Hall, Hagrid’s Hut and much more. Harry Potter fans all around the world gather there to feel like they were part of this magical universe created by J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros.

It’s not cheap though. Prices start at £85.00.

Buses everywhere

Ever got to see one of those famous red buses in pictures and photos sold all around the world? They come from London (the buses, not the products).

You can buy a 24-hour ticket and feel free to enjoy all the best sightseeing places in London without having to pay a fee every time you take a bus. That’s the Hop-on, Hop-off bus and as the name suggests, you will do that a lot.

Explore the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and many other famous places without having to worry about how you should get there.

Coca-Cola and the London Eye

The Coca-Cola London Eye is the world’s tallest observation wheel. You can enjoy a jaw-dropping experience in one of the 32 capsules to see London from up above. It’s a very famous landmark and it offers a unique view of the city.

The Tower of London

900 years ago this was a royal palace with everything a medieval castle needs to be… medieval. There was a prison, an arsenal and even a zoo. Get to know more about London’s history as you uncover some of the most ancient places in the city at £27.50


If you love the sealife, this is the perfect spot for you when you travel to London. There are around 400 hundred species of fish, sharks, moray eels and many more. You can even feed the fish and enjoy a “shark walk”.

This place is especially great to visit with your family and children. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the aquarium and get to know more about the sea.

London Dungeon

Do you have the guts to explore the darkness of London’s medieval past? Find out about the city’s dark past with special effects, live actors and lots of action with swords and shields in this 90 minute attraction. Beware the dark times and face your destiny.

ZSL London Zoo

Not into swords or the sea? No problem! You can enjoy a good time while visiting the zoo. The ZSL London Zoo is one of the main attractions to tourists that travel to London. You can see penguins, lions, reptiles, gorillas and many other animals. There are places to eat and take a rest too.

Westminster Abbey

Another important landmark in London that is part of the city’s history. It’s an amazing piece of architecture. Take your photos and enjoy your time while you’re there. Get to know more about British History and meet new people too.

London is a great place to get to know more about the world we live in, the diverse people that live and visit there and monuments that date back to medieval times. What are you waiting to travel to London?

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